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Developing an ideal world online—with a twist

De Ideale Wereld (The Ideal World) is a Belgian TV show with a concept that is best described as a news satire, meets comedy, meets a daily talk show. A daily guest is invited to co-host and go through the news to comment on local or global issues. SBS wanted to expand on their various comedy sketches and contacted us to create micro-sites as an extension of the show.

Way of working

As fun as this collaboratin was—and still is, it's also very intense. Writers write an entire 45-minute episode in just one day. Each episode's content consists of interviews, research, live-action sketches and online projects such as games or web-apps. These web-apps are where we come in and become part of their fixed team to make the magic happen.


Fake it till you make it

We develop anything the writers come up with on site—but because of the nature of the show, it's all curveballs. Whether it's a dance revolution parody starring the Turkish president or a web-app to generate fake news, it all has to be ready for thousands of concurrent users by the end of the day. Talk about pressure!


It gets weird

Sometimes it gets weird, but that's okay! It's contextual comedy on a local scale. De Ideale Wereld is especially popular among youngsters and their online activity are very high. Check out some of the various things we've done on