How a PR agency grew up without losing its creative mojo

The request

Walkie Talkie hasn't been around for long, but they've skyrocketed since their launch. They started off with three and never stopped growing: as a team, in their offers and their quality of services. Their request was straightforward: 'Design and build a new website that shows we've grown from a startup to a scaleup without losing our creative mojo.' Roger that!

The challenge

Fun has always been a big part of who Walkie Talkie is, bringing people and brands together through PR with a positive attitude. We set out to design a similar experience to when you work with them: bold, colorful characters, and straightforward with focus on details.

Developing for search engines with the user in mind.


We rebuilt the Wordpress site from scratch, focusing on page speed, responsive design, and interactivity. Customization was key, so we made per-case colors and formatting possible within the template. These changes, combined with various small effects, made browsing the new Walkie Talkie website fun and memorable.

Our conclusion

We'd be lying if we said it wasn't a bumpy ride in the beginning. As always, understanding each other is crucial, and in this project, we had to establish a trust that not everything could be designed; some animations simply had to be developed, which changed our client-contractor relationship more into a partnership. All ended well, of course, with both parties equally excited about the results!